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Sol Dorado Program

Exclusive to current investors

The Sol Dorado Program (SDP) allows our Balco investors to be a part of Land and Cattle. The growing cow and calf operation is headquartered at Sol Dorado Ranch in College Station, TX.

Agribusiness investing with

Sol Dorado’s team of experts selects and purchases the best heavy bred 2-year-old cows in prime condition. Your cows will be tagged, numbered, and placed on one of our ranches where they will be provided with the utmost care. As your calves are born, they are tagged, numbered, and grazed alongside their mothers in open pastures. After weaning, calves will be sold as they reach their ideal weight gained during the grazing and fattening period. Proceeds are then distributed accordingly. After your 4-year contract comes to maturity, you can choose to liquidate your invested capital or reinvest in new cows.

12-14% RETURNS

12-14% returns

12-14% targeted overall returns


Ownership of your own cows and calves

Annual asset depreciation

4 yr investment term cycle with rollover available

Minimum investment of $30K + participation in other offerings  (includes first years fees of $4,500)

How It Works

Balco Management has two Investment vehicles that the investor can choose from.

Fleetwood Financial

Equity Fund

3T Legacy

Equity Fund

Real Estate Program
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