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Wealth can be built in
interesting and unique ways.

Each Balco Management Fund is subject to it’s own nuances and our team can walk you through each one and guide you along the path to premiere wealth building.

Ultimate Partnership

Class A: Ownership Investment

With your Ulitmate Partnership corporate shares you will experience the gains and diversity of the entire Ballard Built portfolio.

We are offering corporate shares in a program designed for Institutional and Accredited Investors. We are accepting purchases up to $50M in class A Shares. This program would receive 15% of all company profits after expenses. We allow you to participate alongside of us in all of our ventures, including assets owned, neighborhood development, new construction in both residential and commercial projects.



250K minimum

16% targeted
return annually*

Access to VIP one-off
investments opportunities

Additional profit participation
upon exit of real estate holdings
(rental property)

Annual shareholder global retreat


In land development deals the term and payout will be from 36 to 48 months depending on the project. During this term there is no return or profits paid until the development is completed and sold. Some land projects are sold in 18 months, but the average is closer to 36 months. One land project may have several phases. As each phase is completed and sold a payout would occur. For this reason, the interest rate would be an IRR calculation and would affect an annual return. For example, there may be no return for the first two years but a “triple” return in year three causing your IRR to increase.

Marshall Elliott

Equity Fund

The Marshall Elliott (ME) Fund seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to its investors by focusing on industries where inefficiencies are discovered, and favorable market conditions exist. The ME vets and partners with proven best-in-class operators within a given industry, providing capital and strategic resources through the duration of the investment cycle.

The ME primary objective is to engage in favorable equity, funding, or lending to conservative and high-yielding investment opportunities. We emphasize investing in real estate development, strategic debt opportunities, agriculture, and other attractive special situations. 



14-16% Targeted overall returns


Fully diversified across Balco’s portfolio

Annual Payout: MAY 30TH

4 yr investment with optional buy-out after 2 years

Minimum investment of $250K

K-1 Participation with depreciation of held assets

3T Alpha

Promissory Note (Limited-Time)

The 3T Alpha promissory note offers a 6% COC (cash-on-cash) return annually plus profit participation targeting an additional 6% return. It is used for our short-term pursuits in all three of our affiliate offerings: Lending, Real Estate and Agribusiness. This option allows liquidity after 9-24 months and, depending on investment vehicle, gives the ability to profit share through the offerings selected. Balco Management is the operating manager for investment, development and lending positions.



12% Targeted overall returns



Diversified across Balco’s affiliate platform

9-24 month investment

Minimum investment of $100K


Annual Payout: MAY 30TH. 6% paid on AP, profit share paid out when asset sells

Liquidity available after 90 day notice once annual anniversary date of one year is achieved

You have direct access to our team at all times.

Team Access

We enjoy cultivating relationships and pride ourselves in hospitality, viewing each investor as a significant member of the Ultimate Investing Experience.