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Establish Your Legacy

Through Multiple Investment Opportunities

We took all nine of our previous funds over the last decade and optimized for the best investment looking at tax deferral and predictable returns in uncertain markets. Utilizing our three vertical approach offers greater enhancement to insure a successful fund.

Global Lending


For investors seeking a more time-tested investment vehicle with steady cash flow, the Global Lending bond offers a steady income stream with an APY as high as 10.25%.

The Global Lending Program allows you to participate alongside financial institutions that service families who are underbanked by over 1.5 billion per week through consumer lending.

9.5%-10.25% FIXED RATE APY


Legacy Funds

Private Credit Fund

The Legacy Funds seek to deliver our time-tested, risk-adjusted returns to investors by focusing on North American private credit opportunities.

By providing long-term growth capital and strategic resources for advanced lending platforms, the Legacy Funds are optimized for tax-deferred compounding and provide a unique distribution model.

tax implications of real estate investments

10-12% Targeted Tax-Deferred Compounding + 3% Targeted Distribution


Marshall Elliott

Equity Fund

The Marshall Elliott (ME) Fund seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to its investors by focusing on industries where inefficiencies are discovered, and favorable market conditions exist. The ME vets and partners with proven best-in-class operators within a given industry, providing capital and strategic resources through the duration of the investment cycle.

The ME primary objective is to engage in favorable equity, funding, or lending to conservative and high-yielding investment opportunities. We emphasize investing in real estate development, strategic debt opportunities, agriculture, and other attractive special situations. 

12-14% Targeted overall returns