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Jeff Ballard

Jeff leads all investment and operational
aspects of Ballard Global.

He has over 20 years of experience as an asset manager and over 20 years of experience as a real estate developer. Jeff has intimate knowledge of all facets of land and housing acquisition, entitlement, development, sales, leasing, and management, and currently manages residential real estate assets in excess of $800 million.

Jeff graduated from Howard Payne University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree with a special focus in Finance. He became Director of Acquisitions for a private equity firm in Houston, Texas after he successfully negotiated the purchase and merger of a national mall chain. Shortly thereafter, Jeff started developing real estate and pursuing debt financing full-time.

Michael Barker

Mike specializes in client relationship
management and has done so for several decades.

With a bachelor's degree from Life Pacific College in communications and leadership, Mike cultivated a unique ability to sense, adjust, and steer people towards success. To quote one of Mike’s former colleagues ``Mike's Empathetic listening is a natural motion for him and his clients elevate him above others as they sense this genuine trait.”

At Ballard Built we lean heavily on Mike to ensure we have the right partners and that these partners are well taken care of.



Brianna Pearcy

Brianna Pearcy is the executive assistant for the Ballard Global executive team.

She has worked at Ballard Global for the past 2 years and is currently studying Business Administration at Midwestern State University. Before she began working at Ballard, Brianna worked in retail management, where she developed a devotion to providing hands-on customer service to clients. Brianna oversees the annual ranch retreat which is a pinnacle event for us and our clients.

We truly appreciate Brianna’s keen attention to detail because we know that attention to detail translates into a great client experience.



John Ferguson

John Ferguson handles litigation, taxation and business transactions for Ballard Global.

John has earned a reputation as an analytical and creative attorney who delivers tailored solutions. He focuses on developing relationships of trust through effectiveness, candor, dependability and service.

John is a partner at the law firm of Blazier, Christensen, Browder & Virr, P.C. He protects clients and their assets by developing sustainable, risk-averse processes, structures, and strategies. John is also a published legal author having most recently published, “The Intersection of Taxation and Bankruptcy: The McCoy Rule”, in the Texas Tech Business and Bankruptcy Journal. John earned a Masters of Law degree (LLM) from the University of Texas in International Business Transactions. He earned his JD in Michigan where he also met his wife.

Paul Maulsby

Paul has spent his lifetime dedicated to
agriculture and the cattle industry.

He credits growing up on his family’s ranch as a sound foundation for exposure to the industry and what it takes to make a living at it. His time as a youth was greatly involved in agriculture youth organizations and working on his family’s ranch. This exposure gave him experience towards developing skills of leadership and practical working knowledge. Paul’s advanced education at Oklahoma State and Texas A&M Universities gave him insight and interaction with some of the best educators which he now puts into practice.

At Ballard Global we leverage Paul’s experience to uncover and intake the right investment opportunities.



Colin Spradlin

Growing up in Austin, Colin spent his formative years working in Austin around development.

His time spent working in Austin’s residential and commercial sectors directly informs his management philosophy, which marries a curiosity and passion for tradecraft with an attention to detail and client service. Colin believes that relationships are key to building a business, and his thoughtfulness and problem-solving methodology are evidence of that.

Colin has a strong affinity for nature and the outdoors, believing that we shouldn’t have to compromise the natural environment for the built one. Minimizing waste, sourcing ethically harvested materials, and designing spaces that pull the outdoors inside are a few of Colin’s specialties.

At Ballard Global, we recognize that the end product is where the value is delivered and we are elated that Colin’s team oversees each of our development projects.

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