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March 30th - April 1st

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Discover the best things about the Wildcatter Ranch & Resort in Graham, TX. A beautiful destination surrounded by open country that ignites the soul. We invite you to explore the heartland of Texas and discuss our equity funds, Marshall Elliott, Fleetwood, and 3T Legacy.

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What to Expect

This Spring’s investor event brings together current and prospective investors for a wide ranging event as the CEO, Jeff Ballard, provides updates on the company’s current activities, future strategy and growth plans as well as introducing new investment opportunities that are sure to impress.

Thursday, March 30th, 2023

Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Relax during your stay as you take in the breathtaking Central Texas views. Your time with us will be filled with great adventures—and you are sure to experience pure Texas.


Thursday, mar 30, 2023
Cocktail Hour and Dinner at the Steakhouse

Saturday, APR 1, 2023
One-on-One Meetings

Friday, Mar 31, 2023
Morning – Working Cattle & Chuckwagon Lunch

Afternoon – Skeet Shoot & Investment Outlook

Evening – Dinner


Jeff Ballard

Jeff leads all investment and operational
aspects of Balco Mgt.

He has over 25 years of experience as an asset manager and a real estate developer and has led the company into lending and agribusiness as he continued to find opportunities that will offer handsome reurns. Jeff has intimate knowledge of all facets of land and housing acquisition, entitlement, development, sales, leasing, and management, and currently manages lending, agribusiness, and residential real estate assets in excess of $925 million.

Jeff graduated from Howard Payne University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree with a special focus in Finance. He became Director of Acquisitions for a private equity firm in Houston, Texas after he successfully negotiated the purchase and merger of a national mall chain. Shortly thereafter, Jeff started developing real estate and pursuing debt financing full-time.

Open Call

Attendees will have the opportunity to join the ‘Ultimate Partnership—Class A: Ownership Investment.’

Ultimate Partnership

Class A: Ownership Investment

With your Ulitmate Partnership corporate shares you will experience the gains and diversity of the entire Ballard Built portfolio.

We are offering corporate shares in a program designed for Institutional and Accredited Investors. We are accepting purchases up to $50M in class A Shares. This program would receive 15% of all company profits after expenses. We allow you to participate alongside of us in all of our ventures, including assets owned, neighborhood development, new construction in both residential and commercial projects.



100K minimum

12-14% targeted
return annually*

Additional profit participation
on exit of real estate holdings
(rental property)

Access to VIP one-off
investments opportunities


In land development deals the term and payout will be from 36 to 48 months depending on the project. During this term there is no return or profits paid until the development is completed and sold. Some land projects are sold in 18 months, but the average is closer to 36 months. One land project may have several phases. As each phase is completed and sold a payout would occur. For this reason, the interest rate would be an IRR calculation and would affect an annual return. For example, there may be no return for the first two years but a “triple” return in year three causing your IRR to increase.

More About Balco Management

How Balco mgt
Helps You

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Balco is uniquely positioned to provide access to lending, agribusiness and real estate investments. Balco’s real-estate division sources, analyzes, and funds opportunistic housing investments across some of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Our on-the-ground relationships and straightforward approach opens doors for unique-profitable investment opportunities.

There is a severe shortage of quality housing, so getting into these cities requires leveraging many relationships that Ballard has already developed. The reality is that new entrants to these markets face significant disadvantages and potential delays.

Relationships aren’t just important; they are everything.
How We Have Been Successful

A Multi-Channel Strategy

Buy & Reposition Undervalued Assets

Buying is the purchase of an existing residential or commercial-residential asset, generally a duplex, four-plex, or multi-family apartment complex, and performing any necessary rehabilitation to restore tenancy and raise rent to fair market value. We are interested in funding the purchase of undervalued assets with a strong exit plan and an opportunistic repositioning strategy during all seasons.

Opportunistically on Infill Lots

Building refers to smaller projects where an infill lot is purchased and the firm builds either a single-family home, a duplex, or a four-plex, based on zoning requirements and market interest. This is an effective strategy in a variety of markets, with more multi-unit dwellings being funded during down markets, and more single-family homes being funded in growth markets. The Manager seeks to fund these opportunities with emphasis on setting the expected completed construction date to best fit within a market-cycle high.


Developing refers to land and community development, from subdividing lots to installing basic utilities. We fund these projects exclusively during times of growth.

Real Estate Program
Is Full

Currently, OUR ballard built program funds are full. Please Check Back Soon.